Shadoweon's Pokemon Collections



~ Welcome to my Collection Website!~ 

This website features a gallery and description of most of my Pokemon collection, the items are mainly American and Japanese but have come from a multitude of different years. A few items are from other places too! There are all kinds of different items in my collection.  I get new items pretty frequently and try to regularly update the website, so look around! Please note that none of the items on this website are for sale. If you ask permission you may use the images of my items for your wish-list or for similar purposes. Go to the About Me page for contact information.

The wonderful banner art is done by Saiori on Fur and depicts my character, Kura and a Samurott. It is for my use and for the artist's use only- please do not redistribute it or use it in any way.Background is by Pixiv user, credit goes to whoever made it ( don't know specific artist).  


NOTICE: I will no longer be updating this website given the limitations  that gives to it's non paid members. You can view my new website (still a WIP) here!: